See me when you see me. :)

- "In life God doesn't give you the people you want, instead He gives you the people you need. To teach you, to hurt you, to love you, and make you exactly the way you should be."


I think at this point in life, we’re all old enough to talk things out. Honestly, girls are so complex that we make a huge deal out of nothing or make smaller things bigger. Well you know what, I feel like most of the time we’re the one’s creating those misunderstandings ourselves. We assume, we speculate, we think we know but we don’t actually know. We’re just guessing and most people can’t understand this concept. If you really want to set things straight, talking things out is the best solution because all those assumptions and speculations and everything else are always cleared up when you talk things through in a calm manner. 

On the other note, when you talk things out in a crazy manner then the outcome might just be the opposite. Hahaa.

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