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- "In life God doesn't give you the people you want, instead He gives you the people you need. To teach you, to hurt you, to love you, and make you exactly the way you should be."

Square1, Thai Express & Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

So on Monday the 29th, I spent half the day with my friends kcamigz and Thao. It’s so weird how the last time I seriously hanged out with these two was like 4 months ago. Anyways, it was a pretty last minute thing, I got a text at like 11pm the day before asking if I was busy and just like my whole summer has been obviously I’m not so I said yes to chyllin and going out to eat. Looking at my calendar I realized that it was kcamigz’s birthday on Sept. 1, so Thao and I were trying to think of something to do for her birthday and I suggested that since we were going out to dinner we can maybe order her a cake. So we went to the mall with that idea in mind.

So on the day of, Thao and I met up to bus together to meet kcamigz at the mall. Our trip started off great because we got lucky and got a free ride along with every other person in the bus. I saw my sister’s friends in the same bus and we were all surprised by it cause bus drivers are usually very stingy. I remember a time back in high school where the bus prices changed and I was missing a mere 10 cents but the bus driver would still not give me a transfer. Thao and I thought it was a holiday but I guess it wasn’t. Our guess was that the machine was broken, so the bus driver just let us in. Anyways, as we all met up the dinner idea sort of failed, because we are the 3 most indecisive people ever. Most of our conversations consisted of “what do you wanna do next?” We spent most of the time window shopping except in the beginning when we got to the mall and Thao had to buy some school supplies at Walmart. All she bought were Post-its because she didn’t want to carry around a notebook. Since all of our phones had no data plan, we decided to go to the Apple Store to look at what movies were playing and the movie times. We were also weary about kcamigz’s trip back home when considering a movie because it takes her like 2hrs to get home so we had to make sure she could stay out late.

Since I was hungry and barely ate anything that day, I suggested to go eat at the theatres while watching a movie but Thao said that it might be a bad idea. So we decided to just eat at the food court and then watch a movie but as I looked around I didn’t really want to eat anything there. I was actually craving some Subway sandwiches but it was at the other side of the mall. Kcamigz however, wanted some Thai express, so Thao and I decided to walk her there. As we got there, the pictures of the food looked delicious, so Thao and I decided to try out. It was both our first time so we all ordered Pad Thai, which seems very popular there. Now let me just say that Thai express has by far the best Pad Thai I’ve ever had and I’ve had plenty of bad ones. It took us like an hour to eat, I had the spicy one so I was the last one to finish. Then we were off to the movies.

We decided to watch 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' and I can’t believe I got kcamigz and Thao watching a scary movie. These two are like the least likely to ever watch a horror film with, but they did and it was honestly a pretty good movie with a good story line. It wasn’t that scary to me but I mean like what is. I’m a huge fan of horror films and aside from some old movies, the only modern horror film I’ve ever thought was considered actually scary was ‘The Ring’ series. I actually find Asian horror films way way scarier than a lot of these American ones but that’s just me. Although the subtitles does kind of make you lose focus and miss some details. But I guess I can see why a lot of people remake Asian horror films into an American version. 

After the movies we decided to call it a day since kcamigz had to bus home for 2hrs. Thao and I live in the same complex so we bussed back together and our way home got delayed because of inconsiderate civilians causing a ruckus in the back of the bus. Hahaaa. Anyways, I tweeted about it in short but to make a long story even longer, a Jamaican female (probably in high school) was being harassed by two Indian males (also in high school but may be a bit older). The 2 males were constantly talking to her asking her all these personal info and also saying shit about her. The funny thing was that one of the males claimed he’s also from Jamaica when clearly he wasn’t and he was trying to talk in a Jamaican accent too. Anyways, the female got fed up started yelling at them telling them to stop talking to her but they continued to do so and they yelled at her back and the fight went on and on with “Shut up,” “No you shut up” kind of thing. At first, people in the bus didn’t really mind. They were just looking back with disgust on their faces, no biggie but no one really cared to step in. (This was all happening at the back of the bus). So after a few minutes of yelling it became quiet. then the 2 males made it worse by talking out loud and saying shit about the female. The yelling starts again. A white male, who claimed to be over 18, also in the back of the bus (he was actually sitting behind us) tried solving the problem by telling the 2 males to move and leave the girl alone. Of course, being immature males the 2 called the white male a “pussy” telling him it was non of his business, asking him if he wanted ‘beef.’ Being the good civilian that he was, the white male said that since he’s over 18, he’s not stupid enough to start a fight with youngin’s because he will go to jail. One of the 2 Indian males began asking people if he could use their phones. (Hell no! Do you really think people are that trusting to lend you their phone especially with the ruckus you’re causing. I swear what they were doing was public disturbance). While this was going on, the bus was about to make a stop and I see the white male stealthily getting up from his seat. He looks like he was going to get off but nope he was talking to the bus driver. I guess he told the bus driver what was happening and all I hear are the 2 Indian males calling the white male a ‘snitch.’ The white male and bus driver talk for a lengthy time and I guess the bus driver reported all the happenings because the bus made a full stop near Applewood high school which was only like 4 stops before we were home. The bus was delayed for like 5-10 minutes. The 2 Indian males left as soon as the bus driver got off his seat to look at the back of the bus (the bus driver didn’t say anything. He actually looked at the back doors and tried to open it then he looked back at the guys). The bus driver went back to his seat but got out and I saw a flashing car behind the bus. It was either the cops or the transit security. It was too dark to see but the bus driver began to talk to another white male in a white uniform (I’m guessing the cop or security). The 2 Indian males were gone and nowhere in site. The white male goes to the back of the bus and talks to the girl/girls I heard another girls voice. The girls thanked him and they introduce each other and started a conversation. All was well and quiet again. I think the white male solved the problem in the best way possible because in the end no one got hurt. He did the right thing and handled the situation well. WHo knows wht would have happened if he didn’t step in. After all of that, we finally got home. The end~ Hahaa, overall it was a pretty good and chyll day aside from the bus drama. I learned to never go to the mall unless I had money because window shopping is a killer. Sigh :( 


So yesterday I woke up early to walk to the bank and take out some money to buy bus tickets and extra money to go out to lunch with @kcamigzI haven’t seen this girl since May which is 2 months ago, so I was looking forward to going to that Japanese place we talked about. Sadly, I had to cancel my lunch plans because my debit card was on hold. I tried asking my mom for some cash but she said she didn’t have any and everyone else in the house was still asleep so I didn’t bother. Anyway, even though I couldn’t go out to lunch with Katrina we had the most random/meaningful/funny text conversation about life and philosophy which made up for it. 

Here are some screen caps of it HAHAA~ EXPOSED! [I’m lime green, she’s turquoise.]

So our conversation had to end because I had to go cook. Yes I know we’re random and some of our convos didn’t make sense. Well I didn’t screen cap all of it. It was too long to post up so I just put some of it up. Don’t get our humour? It’s okay we don’t either but it’s just funny.

After cooking, I was really bored and I wanted to avoid using the computer all day and mission accomplished because I didn’t touch my laptop until now.

Because I was bored I decided to do another sewing project but this time I made a “K” pillow. It’s huge, a little bit over a quarter of the size of my bed and I have a twin bed. 

Let me introduce you guys to “K” heheheee Here it is :)

This thing was really hard to stuff because of it’s shape but I did it. I think it took me a little bit over an hour to finish this thing it was really easy despite the fact that my sewing machine kept bugging out on me and the thread kept ripping because I was sewing too fast anyways here are more pics of “K”

The other pillow beside “K” that says my name “KATE” was actually made 2-3 years ago. That’s why I had the same fabric, it was the left over from that old project. 

Here’s a separate picture of the “KATE” pillow  

and just for fun…”K” just chyllin on my saucer chair. GET IT HAHAAAA!